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Power to the people’s problems

If you have ever been part of a movement fighting against the oppression of a few in authority over the rest of the population, you may have heard the phrase, “Power to the people”.

Sometimes, it seems that the population is powerless in so many situations, but the reality is that any collection of people are so powerful, yet they don’t even know it. The few who understand this always tap into the peoples power, some quite ethically, but of course others with very questionable motives.

Someone said, the quickest way to get rich is to solve a problem. I agree, problem solvers are smart and enterprising. But, the really outstanding ones don’t just solve problems, they solve the people’s problems. This is where the power to wealth seems to lie.

During the lockdown that the whole world experienced, the companies that saw a boom in business were not necessarily the ones that had the smartest solutions, but the ones that solved the people’s problems like hunger, or the need to meet without physical contact.

The next time you are looking for where you can get economic empowerment, make sure you do not look past the people’s problems.