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No fear of criticism

I am yet to meet anyone who lives for the next criticism they will get. Most people hate, fear, avoid or disdain it.

Even though there are lessons to be learnt from some critics, their opinions can also act as a deadly poison that paralyses if not received the right way.

In life, we can never run away from the abundance of criticism. Did you ever hear the story of the man, his son, their donkey and their belongings? 

For every scenario of how they chose to travel, they were bitterly criticised. If the men were on the donkey, they were cruel to the animal. If only their belongings were on the donkey, they were stupid. If father only was on donkey, he was a bully. If son only was on donkey, he was disrespectful, and so on. Eventually they concluded that they would do what was best for them and not pander to the opinions of the passers by that they did not even know.

Have you noticed that no matter what you do, someone somewhere will have sharp words to hurl at you for not doing good enough? 
Critics will never cease, so never loose sleep over any of them, never allow the fear of their words to cripple you.

Be like the men and the donkey and live your life doing what you believe to be best in all good conscience and never let the fear of criticism in.