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Behind the wall

I remember the song by Tracy Chapman which told the story of a neighbour who listened to the commotion of their neighbours behind the wall. We all tend to make judgements about the person on the other side because we are usually so caught up in our own world that we can’t imagine why the other person will not behave, by our own standards that is.

There is a tendency to be blind and insensitive when we only see things from our own point of view, and we alienate others, not just by external barriers, but also by internal prejudices in our mindset.

It’s funny how we always judge ourselves by our intentions, but others by their actions. Whether we care to believe it or not, every human being is important and relevant. We may not live on their side of the wall, but we must know that their side of the wall is just as important to them as our own side is to us.

Let us be a little more caring of other people no matter which side they are on, let us give them the benefit of a doubt, let us help them out as best we can, and according to how we would want to be helped when we need it most. Life is precious to everyone and we all want to live it out in fulfilment and not in sorrow, so let us be contributors to another’s success remembering that what we sow is what we will also reap.