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Keep your head up

As we drove past the airport today, my son saw a couple of planes go over our heads. He then asked if they were landing or taking off, I replied they are taking off because the nose of the plane is pointing upwards. It then occurred to me that the posture of most commercial planes also have their nose pointing upwards when landing.

To take off and rise high, we need to raise our sights and hold our heads up. But it is also crucial that when we are coming down, due to circumstances, failures, or unexpected events, that we do not bow our heads in disappointment or shame. There is a difference between landing and crashing. A plane designed to land with its nose up will crash if it attempts to land with its nose down.

We should imbibe the attitude of keeping our head up no matter what we go through. Whether rising or falling, keep your head up. In good times and bad, keep your head up. When it works and when it doesn’t, keep your head up. Remember the plane that comes down with its head up will land safely and will be ready to take off again.