40+FAB Blog

No Apologies

As another year is added to my life I am more unsure of why I ever needed to be apologetic for who I am and what I believe.

Who I am and what I believe is a point of view, an invisible framework by which I make sense of and navigate this world.

Who I am and what I believe is not an offence, it is not a statement of war, it is not a confrontation of anyone else’s point of view. It is my most fundamental and universal human right.

I am alive

I am here

I am unique 

I am intelligent

I am capable

I am endowed 

I am blessed 

I am a child of God

I am …

I believe in Truth

I believe in God

I believe in good

I believe in justice

I believe in the rights of humanity

I believe we are all created equal 

I believe in responsibility

I believe…