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Seems like it never ends

As long as you have life, the things you will have to do seem like they never end. When I was in primary school, I worked hard to move on from there and go to secondary school, then I did the same to go on to University. After graduation, it felt like, yes, finally all education is over. Transitioning to work life became a process of constant learning, no half-terms, no holidays, and always having to deliver work which would be graded in some way or another.

It doesn’t apply to education only but is pretty much the same with everything else. I brush my teeth today, but have to do it again the next day. I washed my car and hoped it would be clean forever, but reality means I have to do it again in a couple of days. I made a bit of money this month, but it all goes on one bill or the other, so I have to keep doing what I do to replenish my accounts.

The cycle goes on and on and whether we wake or sleep, it keeps moving and keeps demanding. We have to know ourselves, know our limits and set our parameters to work in a way that favours us in all of the constant demands that life brings. Don’t let what you have to do regulate you, you regulate what you have to do and the results that follow.