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Be! then do

As we grow through life, we change from one state to another. From the womb we change from a foetus to become a baby, then we change to become a toddler, then we become a teenager, then we become an adult.

When the body seemingly stops growing, the mind still has the capacity to take in more and we can become an expert in those things we have studied.

In all of this, we have to become something before we behave like what we have become. We have to be before we do. Doing in itself cannot make us what we are not, for instance no matter how much a goat acts like a dog, it will never be a dog, and vice versa.

The beauty about becoming is that what we become was in us all the time, it was locked away in our being and had to go through a process of training and growth to come out. The word educate is from a Latin word which means to draw out something, so the real purpose of an education is to draw on who we be so that we can do.

Take a look again at who you be, and let that picture encourage you to do what you were born to do.