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Write program and run

Back in the day when I was taught how to write computer programs, I was instructed to think about what the program was meant to do, then I would write the code lines for it using all the logical statements in the computer language that would achieve the desired outcome.

After the code was written, the next step was to run the program. This was the step that let the code loose to automatically perform what the programme was meant to achieve. While the program was being run, there was nothing left for me to do in terms of thinking, and the outcome was purely based on what I had written in the program. Sometimes the program would run for seconds, other times for minutes and in some cases for hours.

If there was an error in the code I had written, the program would stop running and flag the error. When that error was corrected the program would be run again and continue till the next error or until completed.

Planning your day in advance is a type of programming of sorts as you write a list with the logical language of tasks and priorities that you need to get done. Once the day commences, you are committed and you begin to run your errands and complete your tasks according to their priorities. Sometimes, some tasks don’t fit in with the day and you have to move them to a later date or reprioritise them to the bottom of your list.

How have you been programming your day? Do you actually have a program for your day? Your daily programs will determine how your week or month or year is designed. Your yearly programme will determine how your life is designed.

Maybe it’s time to put a little more thought into how we program our day and then we can be confident that when we run, we run to win.