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Love and duty

It is a great misconception to think that a successful relationship is all about the good feelings that are associated with love and friendship. Feelings can be fleeting and those that have reached the pinnacle in thier area of endeavour will be able to give you enough stories of when feelings had to be put aside in order to attain greater heights that beckoned.

We are used to the duty that a wife needs to perform in a marriage and all that she must give up, including her name, in order to be one with her husband. Sometimes, it almost seems like everything goes the man’s way, however, we find an excellent example of the love and duty that is required from a man also in the relationship between Her majesty, Queen Elizabeth of England and Prince Philip, who sadly passed away today.

We pay tribute to him and his great example, showing us that love requires giving up some things we long for, in order to show devotion, care, and support for the one we love. It is a great reminder that we do not only marry a person, but everything that they are and represent, and we have a responsibility, a duty, to let them fulfil that.