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They’re waiting for me

There is no better scenario to understand the concept of a promise and trust than in that of a parent and a child. We have all been in the place of a child and maybe a parent, therefore are familiar with how a child hangs on to every promise that their parent(s) made.

You will also be familiar with the devastating blow of a broken promise and how it seemed to cripple you on the inside. How you waited for that person to come, or for that gift to be delivered, or that trip to be taken, and it never happened. You did not even get an explanation as to why and life just moved on as if the promise was never made, yet somewhere inside, you are still waiting. Many children, now adults are still stuck at that place where the expectation of a promise was never resolved.

As we get more understanding of life, we realise that humans are not infallible and things happen that make the best intentions impossible to carry out, but as much as lies within our power, we have to be consistent with what we commit to. It should only ever be the exception that we break our word to those waiting for us. If we are unfortunate to do so, we must let them know why we couldn’t, and then bring a resolution or closure to the promise so that they cease waiting for us, and probably learn the lesson that there are disappointments in life.

So what promises have you made to your family, colleagues, clients, customers, friends or even to yourself? I frequently remind myself of the commitment and promises I have made and work the best I can to fulfil them, knowing that those that trust me are waiting for me, and I don’t want to keep them waiting.