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What day is it?

Don’t get tempted to let the days melt into each other. I am sure you have asked yourself many times this week, “so what day is it?”

I have discovered that a routine is a powerful way to keep yourself going and maintain a semblance of normality. Follow a strict time table as you would normally do when things are normal.
This means that you will get to relax at the weekend, like you normally do, and so there will be an excitement about your weekend.

Even in prison, a routine helps to maintain some sort of order and helps the mental health of inmates.
This is a great time to fill your free time with learning something new by reading, listening to audios or watching videos. Give yourself a target of what you want to achieve in the course of this lockdown.

Remember this quote “What you do daily is what you become permanently.” – Mike Murdock.
My advice to you is, don’t become something (undesirable) permanently, over a temporary situation. Use this season to become better.