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Propaganda wars

Ever since man got to know the power of possessing resources, we have waged war thousands and thousands of times to acquire or maintain that control. Whether it be for physical, spiritual, or intellectual things, great battles at hefty costs have been fought to keep them.

Though we pride ourselves in so called civilisation, we have yet multiplied wars through much more sophisticated and sometimes subtle means. Some of the biggest battles being fought have had no artillery fired or sword wielded, yet much has been conquered and brought under the control of the forces who advance so stealthily.

Long before the maturity of the Information Age we live in, strategic warfare involved the physical possession of other cultures whilst destroying the documented body of knowledge that culture possessed. But today, it is hard to do so because of the prevalence of channels to disseminate information, so this has led to the guerrilla warfare that uses propaganda as the chief weapon.

When the records of history expose systems that were oppressive, propaganda changes the narrative and represents what was evil as good, and justifies the philosophies that produced those systems, maybe because we still harbour those beliefs under the attire of our civilised garb.

In the same vein, what has been adhered to for millennia as being morally good, is now debatable and one can get targeted for trying to defend those beliefs. We cannot afford to be complacent in these state of affairs, as our minds and opinions are choice bounty to be taken willingly or by the force of propaganda.