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We cannot reverse time

There are certain events that happen that only the reversal of time can actually resolve. I am sure you have watched those movies where the hero is able to reverse time after a building has collapsed, and everything comes back to what it was before it fell. The time bender is able to do this, whether with a building or with a vase.

If you drop an expensive vase, it can be repaired by gluing the pieces together, however it will never be restored like it was before unless time is reversed. Unfortunately, we cannot reverse time so we have two options, one is to repair the situation as best as we can, and the other is to look back at events and understand extensively why they happened, then build the future in a way to prevent that calamity from happening again.

For every negative thing that has happened, we cannot reverse the time, but we can study what happened so that as much as lies within our power those same thing are mitigated from happening again.