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Understanding people

Everything seems to work perfectly the way we design them in our minds or even in the workshop until it encounters other people. A computer tablet works absolutely as intended until it gets into the hands of someone who thinks it is a chopping board.

Sometimes in order to fix the problems we have, all we need to do is fix the people involved. Our great assumption that everyone knows what we know and should live life by the standards that have been set for us is probably the biggest cause of failure in relationships.

We assume everyone should be polite and say please or thank you. We assume everyone knows the code of doing to others as you want others to do to you and so on.

The best way to fix anyone, if indeed we can, is to understand them. See it from the others point of view, know thier background and life philosophies, and understand why they behave the way they do. When we are patient enough to do this, we will find that majority of the things that arise with that person that could be a potential problem are easily resolved.

Understanding people is a great skill that we must all acquire and hone on a daily basis so that it reduces the amount of problems that we rally have to deal with.