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Excellence of moderation

I used to think that moderation was about taking the fun out of things, but I have learnt that moderation doesn’t mean playing down on the enthusiasm, focus or drive you have for a thing; rather it means giving the right amounts of focus and drive to those things.

Moderation is about pacing yourself with what you have left in your tank to get to the desired goal, finishing strong. There is always something that needs to be left for tomorrow so you can focus on the rest of what is needful for today.

Remember that even as you engage in a pertinent battle, there is still a war in totality left to fight, and if you must win, you cannot expend all your resources on only one battle. I heard that the great generals never commit more than 70% of their troops or resources to any given battle. There is always the reserve, ready to back up when needed.

Do you find yourself burnt out at the end of your projects? Do you feel like you don’t have anything left to give after a major success? Maybe you need to take the lessons of the generals and make your 70% as effective as a 100%, then you will realise that you are always ready for the next thing, because you are living in the excellence of moderation.