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You can bet on change

If I have come to learn anything in all my years of living, it is that things will always change. Some things change very quickly, while others change very slowly. Change occurs as one off events, like the death of a loved one, or as cyclical events, like the various weather seasons of the year.

Because change is inevitable, it therefore surprises me that we sometimes get caught out and are not prepared for the change. There is something about the human nature that prefers to stick with what is known and familiar than having to navigate the troublesome waters of change.

Those involved in financial trading are always studying trends and researching what might change in the markets so that they are best placed to profit from it or not make a huge loss, they bet thier money on things changing.

The outcome of our lives is more valuable than money, so we need to invest the time in understanding the changes that will affect our lives. It is a great part of being successful to bet our lives on change.