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Stolen future

Sometimes at the height of ones career or the peak of their productivity, someone else could step in and subvert their success, leaving them with nothing to show for all that they have worked for.

It sounds far fetched, but it does happen. My dad lived through such an experience, the details of which I am unable to share, but he was relieved of a very senior position for insisting on transparency over certain transactions and what he had worked for was given to someone else.

What I have come to realise in life is that your accomplishments, no matter how great, are not a full reflection of who you really are. Most that have been subverted in their area of strength end up associating that occurrence with a stolen future, and so they live out the rest of their days as a shadow of the potential they revealed at their peak.

The reality is, your best days will only ever be behind you on the day that you give up. You have to believe that the heart, habits and hands you used to create your accomplishments in one place, are capable of replicating greatness again some place else.

No one therefore can really steal your future. They may take your accomplishments in the now, but then they would have inherited your yesterday. So what do you do when you have been sabotaged? I believe the answer would be to get up and keep moving on the path of success that you have trodden on over the many years of toil, sweat and hard work.