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Power at the tip of thought

I have come to realise the power of thought. Literally everything that a human being does has been born out of their thoughts.

In the 19th century, it was thought impossible to fly and that the materials to make it happen did not exist. However, the Wright brothers thought differently and the quality of their thoughts found materials that existed and turned them into product that made men to fly.
Many things that were thought impossible and only doable by some means of magical power have now been accomplished, not by magic, but by thought power.

Our thought is that thing that is able to take materials, structure them, form them and transform them into meaningful product. Something is not possible because of the quality of the materials that exist to make it, but rather by the quality of thought intended to create it.

The thought of a house is agnostic to materials as people have built from straw, wood, mud, stone, ice, metal, silver and even gold. All these materials will pass away, but the thought will always remain and find a way to recreate with whatever materials are available. The intangible thought is never limited by the tangible material.

We create and we destroy by the silent invisible power of thought. There is great power at the tip of your thought, harness it and harvest it to make your life and world a better place. As the great scientist Voltaire said “No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking (thoughts)“.