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In the mean time

The principle of sowing and reaping teaches us a fair bit about life.
There is a time to make an investment and then there is the waiting period for that investment to yield a return.

If you have a long term friend, partner, team mate, colleague, business, project etc. you would have noticed the cycle of how these relationships or ventures yield greater pleasure and benefits after a season of investment.
Your deepest friendships are the ones that stuck through your most trying times, your greatest successes are the ones that overcame the biggest obstacles. This was due to the intentionality of what was invested in them.

The thing about investments or sowing seed is that there is a time period between sowing the seed and reaping the harvest. So what do you do in that time period?

Keeping a good attitude is possibly the greatest test of the waiting period. There was a third man involved with Apple in the early days who sold his 10% share of the company for $800. Being the oldest in the team and having the most assets, he did not want to loose any of his assets in case the company went bust. This lack of belief has made him miss out on the value of that 10% which today would be around $95 billion.

So what do you do in the mean time? Work on your attitudes while waiting. Work on patience, belief, honesty, cooperation, understanding, hard work, learning, personal growth, leadership, communication, encouragement and more.