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Running out of supply

Running out of supply is a scary prospect especially if you do not know where the replenishment will come from. It is a wise thing in life to know about the source and plan to stay close enough to it for the sake of topping up your supply.

Some of the greatest cities on earth are built on the bank of rivers, this is not coincidental, people recognised the importance of a supply of water and so they built their habitations close to the source.

What are the sources of your supply for inspiration, ideas, influence, knowledge, security, finances, companionship, relevance or anything else you consider an important need?

If knowledge comes from reading, then stay close to it. If inspiration comes from nature, then stay close to it. If influence comes from some expertise, then stay close to it. 

Familiarise yourself with the true sources of these things and strategise how you will stay close enough to keep your supplies at acceptable levels.