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Living with or without it

Most of us would rather have what we want, than not have it. We also tend to go into some kind of mourning when we lose what we have. But sometimes living without it is not as bad as we imagine, and living with it is not as great as we expected. These are some of the unpleasant realities of life that we need to confront from time to time.

A single person for instance may feel life is better with a partner, but there are those that live with an abusive partner and thier experience of ‘living with it’ is worse off than the one ‘living without it’.

It is the the dream of couples to have children, and those ‘without it’ go through the turmoil of the wait, the questions from friends and family, and the longing to hold thier own child in thier hands, however, there are some couples living with children with a disability and thier experience of ‘living with it’ is one that is filled with pain. The examples of these scenarios are endless, be it money, fame, an appointment, a possession etc.

Don’t be too quick to bemoan your luck when you don’t live with it because sometimes you are actually better off without it. And, if you are living with it and it is not what you expected, do not despair because there is always a way to handle what you are going through, there is always help out there.