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Where passion lies

Most people that do not connect with their passion trudge through life not making an impact that could have rippling effects across the number of their days.

Parents, teachers, counsellors and people that have been in a position to guide young minds have been guilty of snuffing out the embers of passion from the child, forcing them to roll with the status quo, promising that it is the pathway to sure success in life. This has made many miss out on the great because they settled for the good.

True passion for a particular thing will produce a quest for knowledge to become great at that thing. The knowledge applied will produce results. The results will attract people. With people will come influence and access. At this point one is able to generate abundant resources to achieve even greater feats.

Where does your passion lie? If it is asleep, wake it up. If it is lost, find it. If it is cooling off, reignite it. If it seems dead, resurrect it.
Whatever you do, connect with your passion and watch as life unfolds to you the paths to greatness.