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Boys vs Girls

As I watched my seven year old son at his swimming lesson playing a game of water polo which had 9 boys pitted against 12 girls all of the same age, I was reminded about this age old rivalry between boys and girls.
When the swimming instructor blew the final whistle, the boys cheered wildly as they smacked the surface of the water excitedly, celebrating their narrow victory. As we walked to the changing room my son said to me, I knew the boys would win because we are stronger than girls and more used to playing football so we were able to defend our goal. I only agreed with his second point because practice does make one better.

It is important what we make children believe about their abilities as they will subconsciously act in that way. A boy has no extra ability than a girl, but if he believes so, then he will act accordingly. In the same vein, a girl has no lesser ability than a boy, but if she believes so, then she will act accordingly. 
As much as there is a difference between the sexes, it does not make one superior or the other inferior. It is also true that each sex can only do so much on its own, but when we come together, what we can achieve is immeasurable.

Let us teach each boy and each girl to believe the best of themselves and let us encourage them to strive for the extra abilities that can be released when we work together.