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Conquering yourself

Before any great exploit or conquest there is a period of exploration, searching for new territory and horizons to conquer. We hear of kings, warriors, armies or explorers that achieved great feats as they searched distant lands finding new opportunities.

Today, we have modern day explorers who have made significant discoveries in various fields of science, business, technology etc. There are two things you will find with these visionaries, curiosity and courage. It takes curiosity to want to know more than is known, and then courage to establish a new way of doing things that may cause disruption to the old order.

The Greek Philosopher Plato said, “The first and the greatest victory is to conquer yourself…” I would add that to conquer yourself, just like the great explorers, you must discover yourself, then you need the courage to confront yourself.

We are more used to trying to change what we have found in ourselves, and by all means we must work to eradicate any vices we find. However, there is so much that is good in us that we are too ashamed to live out, maybe because we feel that is doesn’t match up to what others have, or it is too different from the norm. This is where we need to curiosity to know more about who we are, and then the courage to live out who we are.

There is much to see and conquer in the world, but truly, the greatest victory you will have will come as a result of your curiosity to discover who you are and then to live that.