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Connect with the right crowd

Growing up we had a few dogs and a yard full on chickens. My dad decided to add a goat to our mini farm. We got a young goat who soon felt lonely and so insisted on hanging out with the dogs.

After a few weeks, we notice that when we called the dogs, the goat would come along too with tail wagging. It would also follow us when we walked the dogs. 

Charlie Tremendous Jones said “ You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.”

There is something about hanging out with people that has an effect on you. Whether it’s negative or positive depends on the calibre of the crowd you hang with. 

Whatever field of endeavour you find yourself in, do all you can to gravitate towards the best in that field. In a matter of time, you will improve, you will begin to operate just like the best.

My wife started a business making cakes and using this principle, she read books, followed websites, attended events, met people. In the 3rd year of her business she had accumulated several prestigious awards that the best in the field also held.

Connect with the right crowd and let the stuff champions are made of rub off on you all day long.