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What are you going on?

Have you ever been in an argument with someone who seemed to be a lot more knowledgeable than you were, and they refuted all your points to the extent that you proverbially did not have a leg to stand on?

Having a leg to stand on does not only apply to arguments, for we do need a leg to stand on in every area of our beliefs which control our behaviours and the outcomes we craft for our lives.

A lot of people stand on beliefs that are not well rounded and that’s what they go on. They refuse to open their minds to any other reality that challenges their beliefs and behaviours. Such people become short-sighted, one legged and will soon topple over when challenging times, that expose the flaws in their belief, come around.

There are however age old values that we can trust and build into ourselves so that we have the balance of truth to go on. Honesty, integrity, kindness, generosity, selflessness, service, compassion, teachability, respect, are just a few of the qualities which make us well rounded, authentic individuals.

Have you done an analysis of what exactly you believe? Have you ever allowed it to be challenged to see how it stacks up against other points of view? Do you have age old universal values built into your core?
You may want to consider answering some of these questions so you are sure of what you are going on.