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That isn’t me

We all have a personal preference of how we would like to do things and it is largely based on how we have been brought up and what type of circles we find ourselves operating in.

The danger with calling out what ‘isn’t just me’ without carefully considering the benefits of doing something differently to our preference is that it can stifle our opportunity to grow and progress.

I think I am a bit of a conservative fellow, so when I needed to make a career change, I found the whole process of rewriting my CV very hard, as I had to sell myself on that piece of paper and selling just isn’t me.

It took a great deal of shifting mentally to finally come to grips with the importance of selling myself, and not just that but seeing the need to sell as a part of life generally. I had to do away with an erroneous belief based on past experiences and how I saw sales people as sleazy.

There are many things in life that are absolutely necessary which we have branded as something we should not be doing. Why not bring out your list of what isn’t you and pick on the points which seem to work for the world in general and investigate why you should not make it work for you.