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Will you pass credit checks?

In order to secure some type of credit from financial institutions or similar companies, you must among other things, prove you are who you say you are. These organisations understand the importance of thier finance getting into the hands of those that can be trusted to use it appropriately and repay them when needed, so they will carry out a credit check on you.

A credit check looks at information to understand your financial behaviour. As part of a credit check, companies may look at whether you’ve paid back your credit on time, how much credit you currently have and how you’re managing it. They may also look at any financial associations you may have (such as someone you share a bank account or mortgage with) and what their credit history is. They won’t do these searches without you engaging them for a service they provide.

Banks and building societies, Utilities suppliers, Letting agencies and landlords, Mobile phone companies, and Employers are among the types of companies who would carry out a credit check. The financially astute individuals are aware of this and thus ensure that thier financial affairs are always well managed.

Will you pass the credit check? Not just for finances, but for relationships that could lead to marriage, a business partnership, or a long standing friendship? Will you come out unscathed when you are put under the microscope for a position of trust to lead people or handle great resources?

What if we lived every aspect of our lives with the mind of leaving behind us a trail of consistent responsible actions that when searched out give us a good credit rating of trust? After all, no one wants to engage with someone who will become a liability to them.