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The programming

I have listened to and read about some discoveries in the field of psychology which has found that the way we respond to real or imagined events are actually the same.

If someone ate an oyster and felt nauseous after eating it, whenever they see or think of an oyster, it would trigger the feeling of nausea. It has been found that the case would be no different if that person imagined eating raw fish and felt nausea, anytime that imagination is played, they would feel the same way.

This is why it is so important to guard not only what we expose ourselves to in reality, but also what we expose our imagination to. The study found that watching certain things on TV like violence or scenes of a sexual nature had a significant impact on how people would respond when faced with situations, and they were more likely to play out what they had been used to watching.

TV programmes are exactly that, they mess with our minds and programme our thinking and responses to situations. News, adverts, fantasy etc. all have an undeniable effect on us.

So what have you been exposing yourself to? How have your current beliefs been shaped? Maybe it is time you stepped back and do a critical assessment of all that you are consuming through various media, and then cut out the stuff that is likely to programme you away from your desired place of success.