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Expert, showman or conman

An expert is someone who is very knowledgeable or skilful in a particular area. They garner a lot of respect for what they do, and people usually defer to them in thier area of expertise.

Some might say don’t confuse a showman for an expert, but is it really possible to become a showman in any area without being able to wield the expertise required with such skill that people almost feel it’s magical? The great entertainers in the arts and sports are certainty very very good at what they do. Other professions may frown at a bit of showmanship, however, it does have its place in inspiring the next generation to pursue such expertise.

So what of the conman? Again, this is a form of expertise in the area of persuasion that makes one believe that someone is something they claim to be, but clearly are not.

The expert, the showman and the conman might all look the same at face value, but only by the fruit which they yield over time shall we truly know who they really are. We must strive to be the expert in our field, or maybe even the showman, but we must never be side tracked to seek to be what we are not in the hope of gaining something that we do not deserve.