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The same old story

I love stories that have been well crafted such that they are a joy to listen to again and again. One such story that has been told for thousands of years, and still proves relevant today, is the Biblical story of David and Goliath.

I heard it as a child and it encouraged me that the young can win in the world of those much older. I heard it as a student from a family of meagre means, and it spoke to me that winning when competing among those with greater resources is possible. I have heard it used in sports where the underdog is believed to be able to cause an upset to the reigning champion. I have heard it in business to describe the agility of smaller companies to get to market with new products and capture a market share greater than the conglomerates.

But doesn’t hearing the same story become boring and stale? The more I thought about this, the more I realised that the story is never the same, because, every person that told it brought a fresh perspective to it based on how the story had spoken to thier circumstances. Also, each time I listened to it, I was listening from a new perspective based on my current position in life.

Don’t be too quick to dismiss the same old story especially when it is being told by someone you have never heard it from before. Be eager to listen to it again when you have also made a significant change in any area of your life. The power of the story is not only in the story itself, but in the people that tell it and in the way you hear it.