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Take a step back

It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of day to day life, and I don’t blame anyone who does because the things that need to be done demand attention and focus. Anyone trying to make a living will attest to this fact.

Today, after so many days of what seems like the longest and busiest start to any year for me, I stepped away from my desk to pick up my guitar which the children had knocked over. As I sat on a stool beside it, I looked back at my desk and realised that for days the only part of the room I had visited was that desk where I spent hours working. The whole room looked different to me from that angle, and I felt like I was in a new place. As I let it all sink in, a sense of gratitude filled my heart and I was thankful that I had a job that keeps me busy through these very difficult times. I began to think of all the things I was grateful for, and as I did, the many stressful days of the past weeks seemed to fade away in light of my gratitude.

When last did you stop and take a step back from everything you are doing, giving yourself the permission to look over everything without being pressured to deliver anything? In those moments, there is a great opportunity to discover things that you are grateful for, and your gratitude will release a sense of newness and strength into your consciousness.