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Join the network

This is one of the things that should go without saying yet it often needs to be called out as we do not effectively maximise it. So, what is it? It is the power of networks.

We were all born into one, we call it a family, and even though we have been given membership, we have the responsibility to actively take part in it. If you are an invisible, non-participatory member of any network, whatever it is, then you need to go through the motions of an induction to join that network.

What is the benefit of any network? They are many, as the very principles by which we all agree to live are governed by the complex mesh of the many overlapping networks in which we live. The whole system of money and value exchanges are strongly tied to various networks with strong agreements in place to observe the rules around money.

Think about all the networks you need, like family, friends, business, education, etc. Ask yourself, “Am I actively taking part in this network or have I become the silent guest?” It is time to be a more proactive personality within your many network.