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The anchor

Shipping has been one of the oldest forms of transportation known to man. Today, it still accounts as the main mode of transportation for the majority of products being moved from one region to another. A large ship known as a tanker, can be as long as 790 feet and carry up to 318000 metric tons of goods. Once a ship docks at a port, it needs to be anchored to the bottom of the sea floor to prevent it from drifting off while it is unladen. As massive as the ship is, it is held by an anchor on either side (port and starboard) weighing about 7 tons. That is about 0.02% of the weight of the ship. When you hear the academics talk about the potential of the human mind, this picture of a great tanker carrying so much material to be distributed at its destination port comes to mind. Yet, so many brilliant persons have never been able to share their true potential with humanity because they are drifting. What anchors the mind and the personality is truth, not just truth, but balanced truth, on the left side and right, like the great tankers. Little truths that don’t compare to the weight of talent and ability we carry are the very things that ground the individual to be able to disseminate what they have to offer. How many great men and women have had their careers cut short over a little act of indiscretion? The simple things like honesty, integrity, accountability, humility and so much more were not taken aboard their vessel, and when they landed at a port that really mattered, they drifted before they could give us all they had to offer. If you forget anything on your voyage to higher heights, please don’t forget to take with you the anchor.