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Having the right energy

I heard someone describe money as having a type of energy. I thought to myself, what on earth could that mean. He then went further to explain that if you got some money from a family member who lovingly gave it to you, then what you received gave you a positive feeling. On the other hand, if a couple were divorced and the man had to pay alimony, he most likely pays it with a negative emotion, and his ex-wife is most likely receiving it with a negative emotion too.

In both cases above, money changed hands, but in one it had a positive energy and in the other, it had a negative energy. One could say that money is neutral, and indeed a number of inanimate things that humans find a way to use could be termed as neutral, however, these things tend to possess an energy that ordinarily they shouldn’t.

The reality is we are the ones that give our energy or emotions to the things around us. and as the quote from Shakespeare goes, “For there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” The type of energy or vibe that is predominantly around us is that which we have allowed by our thinking or emotional state. If someone is giving you something with bad energy, you have a choice not to receive it. Don’t receive the insult, don’t take the call, don’t encourage the conversation, protect your emotions.

On the other hand, you also need to control the energy with which you give things. Be joyful, be thankful, appreciate others, be gracious, be enthusiastic. Don’t wait for the external conditions to bring the right energy and feelings into your life, you are the one that controls these things with an attitude that is right.