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Coming to terms with it

Usually when someone does not want to acknowledge or come to terms with the changes that are imminently upon them, they are said to be burying thier heads in the sand or living in denial.

It is hard to accept things that take us out of a state of perceived reality, and it is a shock to the system when you finally realise that things are not always what they seem. The singer Pink sang a song about the family portrait which touches on things looking good in a snapshot, but the realities people live out are different from it. We sometimes hold on to snapshots of our relationships, careers, successes, and more, but we refuse to acknowledge the changing times.

Coming to terms with unpleasant shifts in things is never easy, but it must be dealt with in order to move on. Find an objective friend or someone you trust who is mature enough to understand these things, and talk to them about your fears. Get professional help where you need to. However you do it, you will come out much better when you come to terms with it.