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Effort to change

I listened to a really good explanation today about worry, anxiety and fear that arises when we are faced with making a change from what we are used to and going to something we are unfamiliar with.

Basically the dynamic tension between how we have always understood things to work and the new suggestion of how things might work differently is what causes the anxiety. Being the creatures of habit that we are, our system will always fight against the new information.

It however takes great effort to keep that dialogue going in our mind between the two options, until the new idea wins. It is much easier to give into fear and reject new thoughts, rather than spend the time necessary to really evaluate them until they inspire us to new experiences and new results.

The greatest of our battles will always be in our own thinking, so practice resilience in entertaining thoughts and ideas that are challenging to your current mindset and so build up the mental muscles that make you more agile and willing to adopt change for the better.