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Stepping out

We all love the stories of the magic moments we see on reality TV talent shows, where we discover extremely talented people who come to the limelight and they go from being an unknown to becoming an international star.

Most people will experience a moment like this in one area of their life, but maybe on a much smaller scale like in the work place, where their skills come to light and they get a promotion. Or, it could be a new business which hits a tipping point in the market driving up demand for their products.

Whatever venture it may be or wherever the arena, no one gets there without making a bold move and just stepping out. Sometimes, whatever we stepped out for is never the thing that made us successful, but because we stepped out, we became visible to opportunities that were looking for a resting place.

I have heard too many stories of those that stepped out, even when the conditions did not seem favourable, and they were rewarded big time for for being the one that showed up.

Have you sat on that idea for too long? have you procrastinated making that phone call? have you had cold feet to initiate that relationship?
Don’t let another day go by without you stepping out. Something awesome is out there and it has your name written all over it.