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Power of your story

I walked for over an hour today in the English country side. It was cold, wet and muddy, and all I could see around and in the distance were empty fields and tree’s in the distance. Nothing spectacular to see compared to the sunny sights of West Africa from where I hail, yet I felt really privileged to be there as I reminisced on the books I had read and films I watched years ago which romanticised all things England.

Anytime I am in London and come across American tourists, they are in such awe to be in England, and when you talk to any of them they will tell you stories they have read about the history of the United Kingdom.

A lot that we know and desire to see about a place we have never been to is revealed to us through the writings of people who have experienced that place. Many great writers over the centuries have given us glimpses of thier country, and stories of people in it. The power of these stories have lived on and continue to pique the interest of readers to experience what they did.

What is your story? Have you told it? Have you written it down and shared it with your community and indeed the world? Have you written things that future generations can read about your history?

There is power in your stories that attract people to your unique experiences for centuries to come. Make sure you document your stories and share your view with the many people that will read it.