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The power of 365

Someone said we overestimate what we can achieve in a day but underestimate what we can achieve in 30 days. Some say habits are formed in 21 days, but further research has shown that the number of days to form a habit is nearer to 90.

One day is not enough to completely change your life, you can make a decision in one day, you can have a change of heart in one day, but for the effects to be far reaching and evident, you need many days to work it out.

You can be where you want to be at the end of this year, you just have to do one thing daily that will take you closer to your goal. The power of compound interest doesn’t only work for money, it works for daily habits too. Spend 10 minutes exercising everyday, or reading, or learning something new, or planning your finances, or investing in a relationship. As you pick on the various areas of your life doing one small thing daily, you will discover that at the end of 365 days you are well into your desired zone.