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Do your homework

I was never a fan of homework as a youngster. It felt like my freedom from school was being sucked out by the work to be done. My parents would not let me catch a break until my work was done.

Succumbing to the discipline of homework proved to be useful in Uni. There was no one standing over me to get it done, but taking the personal responsibility to do it contributed to my overall assessments and this was crucial to my final grade.

The practice of homework was not meant to end at graduation. There is a need for personal research and finding out information about what you are faced with in life on a daily basis. The discipline of doing personal research to complete tasks goes a long way in ensuring you have a better outcome for all your decisions.

Homework is needed on the job, for personal investments, purchases, relationships, raising children and so on.

Do you know of anyone who has made bad choices on investment, purchases or relationships?
I read of a guy who was suing his wife because she was born a man and he never knew about this. I wonder what due diligence he did before getting married.

If you were to get a big investment from the bank to buy a house, a car or to invest in your business, the banks will let you know that they will carry out searches on you, and they will ask you loads of questions before they make their decision to grant the loan. Many other businesses will do the same.

So, why should you spend a significant amount of your time, money, emotions and strength on any venture that you have not done your homework on?
If you are going to give away your valuables, then be like the banks and do some searches to ensure you are making a wise investment.