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Do you use imagination?

Humans, among all the other life forms, are the only ones known to have the ability to imagine. Imagination is the ability to form new ideas, images or concepts of external objects not present to the senses. In other words, you are creating things in your mind that have never existed before.

With imagination, we can combine what we know with what we don’t know to create a future. Imagination therefore, just like money, is neither good nor bad, but it takes on the nature of the one using it. Creativity is helped by imagination, but worry is also fuelled by imagination. You can work up a healthy excitement and expectation based on a future you have imagined, or you could succumb to intimidation and trepidation of tomorrow informed by what you have imagined.

There are many restrictions we face in life and we can be penalised for breaking those restrictions, like over speeding or building without the right planning permission. But when it come to our mind and how we use our imagination, there are absolutely no limits other than those we place on ourselves.

Are you using your imagination? How are you using it? What are you using it for? Start to dream big today and make it a conscious decision to use your imagination every day to create a positively brighter future for you and all yours.