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The white shirt

I was lucky enough not to be in a high school that had a white shirt as part of the uniform. For a male teenager who loved to run around at playtime and engage in any sport that involved dirt, my light green shirt was adequate.

Have you noticed how differently you behave when you wear certain clothes or colours? You suddenly become more aware of your environment and move in a way that preserves the appearance of your apparel. 

Having an attitude or a mindset that is crisp and clean like a white shirt makes you more aware of how you behave. You do the right things because it leaves no stains on the conscience.
Allowing too many compromises to such standards is like messing up a white shirt, you cringe at the results, but if it is ignored, then it all goes downhill and before long the stains mean nothing.

Keep on your white shirt of honesty, integrity, punctuality, diligence, industry, compassion and more, while resisting the little lapses that could taint these great qualities.