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Rising expectation

We are motivated to act by the things we feel we can achieve, in other words, things that we have concluded to be in the realm of our control. We have to understand very thoroughly what is actually within our control, and guard very carefully those things that are ours to control.

The more we rely on other people or systems to have control of things that we should be controlling ourselves, we leave ourselves open to be disappointed and stripped of the motivation to move our lives forward.

In a relationship, your happiness still remains yours and should never be given up as the responsibility of a partner. In your society, your quality of life and how you live it still remains yours and should never be given up to the dictates of your government. Your opinion and how you think is yours, and must be guarded from the propaganda of people, companies or countries with an agenda that is not necessarily in your interest.

If you receive news that makes you feel helpless, rather than dwell on it, remind yourself of those things that are in your control and get your mind back to its rightful place where it is empowered and raises your expectations to the place where it is out of reach of the external detracting forces.