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The awakening

For lasting change to occur in any society, its people must have to be unanimously awaken to the need for that change and that conscious awareness and desire for the change brings about a revolution that makes such a change possible.

Just like a dream, no matter how much you desire it, you must wake up and do something about it otherwise it just remains a wish that lingers somewhere in the distant future.

One thing that holds us back is the question how? How will it happen? How can I make that change? How do I get there? A wise man once said, you never know how until you have done it.

If you are awake from your dream, if you are aware that change needs to happen, then just make a move for it, replace your how with a move in some direction and you will find that as you get going, things become clearer, direction, focus and the ability to do all come together to get you to that desired future.

Just keep moving and do not negotiate with the lure to stay where you are or be placated with cosmetic changes that do nothing to uproot the true cause of your stagnancy. Keep moving and the dream will soon become a reality.

#ForANewNigeria #EndPoliceBrutality #EndBadGovernance