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Harnessing patterns

I learned to play the guitar reasonably well and also picked up the basics of the piano. What I found out about music was that there were patterns and if you learnt to play certain keys in one pattern you would be able to play all keys repeating that pattern.

Patterns exist in everything, sometimes they are in plain sight and quite logical to follow, other times they are hidden and need to be pointed out before you see them.

Just like in music, if you can harness the patterns in one area, you can apply them to another area to produce similar results. So, if you find the patterns that made you succeed through secondary school, you can use those patterns to succeed at work or business. A lot of times we try to reinvent the wheel when all we need to do is find the pattern and replicate it in our own area.

If you see a pattern of a fruitful and fulfilled life, replicate it. If you see a pattern of failure and despondency, avoid it. Learn to observe the patterns and how to harness them for your ultimate good.