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You can’t have it all

Have you ever had a disappointing result in one area of your life right in the middle of a season of great success in another area of your life? Do you ever get that cautious feeling when things are going really well for you, that it won’t last for long?

People are quick to validate those feelings by reaffirming, “you can’t have it all.” The general belief is that no one can have it all. Some people try as hard as they can to “have it all” and fret about anything that doesn’t go their way. Others resign to a life that they believe will never be lived to its fullest because they can’t have it all.

I guess we must ask ourselves an important question, “Do we actually need it all?” I love having new things, like most people, but I realised that after the first few days of basking in the euphoria of my new thing, for example my mobile phone, I only end up using possibly 25% of all the functionality it has to offer.

There is no need striving for everything when you don’t need it, neither does it make sense to feel limited with what you have, when what you have now is all that you need. Take another look at your life, friends, family, work, community, and ask yourself “Do I really need anymore?” What doesn’t look like a lot in the eyes of others, could be all that you ever needed to be able to beat you chest and say, “I have it all.”