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I too say I can

The declarations people make sometimes which present them as obnoxious might just be their way of verbalising their positive self talk, and sometimes it’s only really said for their benefit and not necessarily for the judgment of those that heard them.

You would have seen this a lot in American sports where contestants really big themselves up, it’s called psyching yourself. The boxing legend Mohamed Ali was an expert at doing this.

Some people on the other hand are of a different persuasion and would hardly say much but expect the talking to be done by their competence in the field of play.

Whichever category you fall into, you should understand the importance of self talk whether it is said to the hearing of everyone, or it is whispered to yourself in the privacy of your own space. Psychologists agree that an individual will never outperform their self image, and self image can be easily identified by self talk.

What have you been saying to yourself? What have you been saying about yourself? Have you found other peoples self talk a bit provocative to you?

Whatever your answers, it’s high time to get your head, heart and mouth into the business of self talk. Lock out the external sounds and find the place within yourself where you can confidently shout out, I too say I can!