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I am somebody

Most times, we are subconsciously trying to become somebody. This is no surprise as we are constantly bombarded with information, through various platforms, of people who are “Somebody”. So, we look to their advice and emulate their steps to become who they are, Somebody.

You must however realise that the status those people have does not make them any more of a somebody than you. You became somebody the day you were conceived, and let no one ever rob you of that truth. Our real struggle is not to become somebody, but to show up with the brilliance of the person we are.

No two people on this planet are alike, so, there is something that each one of us brings that our world needs. You just need to figure out what you bring and then show up. Our mission then becomes recognising and showing up at the places that we are needed most.

If I strive to be known in my community, I am not trying to be somebody, I am trying to show up in the community that can be served with what I bring. When I am recognised there, people would say he is somebody in the community, but the reality is, I have been all along.

I am not needed everywhere at this moment, but that doesn’t make me less of a somebody on a regional, national, continental or universal platform.
When the opportunity to serve those platforms arise, then I will strive to show up as who I have always been, Somebody.