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What’s the protocol?

You find that animals – including insects, that follow a defined way of living in their ecosystem seem to be quite successful. Take the ants as an example, they are able to gather food and build nests that keep them safe, supplied and superseding expectations of something so small. Or the birds that fly for miles from one continent to another, they band together and accomplish what is impossible for one bird to achieve alone.
Their ability to organise themselves seems to be their greatest strength. 

This is no different for human beings. You will find that the strongest families, communities, businesses or nations have a well defined set of protocols by which they band themselves together to achieve what is impossible for one individual to achieve alone.

Are there any successful entities you would like to emulate reproducing similar results to theirs? The answer to doing this may be as simple as learning, understanding and applying their protocols.
If you want to be a part of such entities, then you cannot achieve that without imbibing their protocol.

We should become students of the right protocol for the right situations. This is a right step in the direction of good success.